Each year the Minnesota Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association presents the Matt Barry Award of Excellence for outstanding contribution to traffic safety education.
1988: Bob Provost 1989: Howard Mathias
1990: Corinne Schommer 1991: Joe Shields
1992: Marty Rossini 1993: John Palmer
1994: Fred Schreiber 1995: Duane Mettler
1996: Frank Thissen and Lloyd Belford 1997: Mike Meyers
1998: Marv Keogh and Dennis Caughey1999: Carl Buraglio
2000: Dave Stodolka 2001: Warren DeMuth
2002: Joe Christensen 2003: Joe Meyerring
2004: Harold Olsen 2005: Mark Lee
2006: Jerry Anderson 2007: Tom Margo
2008: John Bothum & Shirly Suneson 2009: Larry Fossness
2010: Terry Suneson 2011: Cheri Salzer
2012: Pat Irsfeld 2013: Brad Isberner
2014: Bea Kehr 2015: Carol Olson
2016: Don Hoechst 2017: Jan Jensen-Skoviera
2018: Ray Kroll 2019: Curt Quiner
Teacher of the Year
2001: Dewey Mettler also National TOY 2002: Martie Rossini
2003: Martie Rossini 2004: Shirly Suneson
2005: Terry Suneson 2006: Mark Lee also National TOY
2007: Joe Christensen also National TOE 2008: Dave Barnum also National TOE
2009: Larry Fossness & Clyde Doepner 2010: Fred Schreiber also National TOE
2011: Pat Irsfeld 2012: Don Porath
2013: Bob Cole 2014: Charles Benda
2015: Bea Kehr 2016: Carol Olson
2017: Phillip Toconita 2018: Andrew Unseth
2019: Ray Kroll 2020:

Frank Thissen wrote this explanation of who Matt Barry was.
"Matt Barry was an educator and business person in Minnesota. I first met Mr. Barry in the autumn of 1945 when he accepted the position of principal of Blooming Prairie (MN) High School. I was in the junior year of high school and fortunately for me and my algebra classmates, Mr. Barry, in addition to serving as our principal, also taught one hour of advanced mathematics each day. I was in his class. He was a very good mathematics teacher in addition to being a fine principal.

After a few years Mr. Barry left Blooming Prairie and entered the theater business in Winona, MN. Subsequently he moved to Pipestone, MN and entered the education field again. Among other professional duties and responsibilities in education he became a driver education teacher too.

In 1969 I had another productive educational experience with Mr. Barry. Several driver education teachers and I enrolled in a driver education visual-perception workshop at Winona State College (now Winona State University). Mr. Barry was the professor of this very valuable driver education learning experience.

Mr. Barry continued his work in driver education and was an active MDTSEA member for many years. The "Matt Barry Award of Excellence" is an example of his heritage. Mr. Barry is remembered for his many contributions to our important field of driver education!"

Frank Thissen 1930-2014
Frank dedicated over 30 years to the St. Paul Public Schools as teacher, counsellor, and administrator of community education, drivers' education, and programs for adults with special needs.

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