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Minnesota Highway Safety Center

created with the assistance of MDTSEA.
The Minnesota Highway Safety Center closed May 14, 2002. For information on availability of materials created by the MHSC contact the MDTSEA Webmaster.
Check out the Traffic Statutes web page! for a great resource about Minnesota's traffic statutes.
We published The Minnesota Supplement! to AAA'S How To Drive textbook.
This matches Minnesota's statutes with the chapters of the text.
We published a Traffic Mix Module! This included a video and teacher's guide.
We are creating a Decision Making Module! This uses a new more positive approach.
We are looking for a sponsor for a Teens, Sleep and Driving Module! This is now the number 1 cause of death for american teenagers.
What about the GDL law! Use this to understand the law.
Print a GDL Log Sheet! This can be used to
You can link to MN Rule 7411 - Driver Education. (Official version)!
. . . or . . . MN Rule 7411 - Driver Education. (Our one file version)!
Have you seen It Can Happen To Anybody!
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